About Us


We started as family, so we keep with our traditions by treating our customers like family. Founded in 2016, Etown Wholesale has supported the community by supplying business with quality products and retail knowledge that has helped many clients grow in the vaping industry. With us building tight-knit relationships with leading vendors in this industry, it has allowed us to bring competitive prices and, in some cases, exclusive distribution rights to some products in our market. We carry top-tier products, up-and-coming products, and a large variety of products for every business’ needs. We pride ourselves in building long-lasting relationships with our customers and doing right by our industry and our future by doing business the right way.

What we believe in:

CARE: There is a difference between selling a product and providing a service. We care not only about carrying the highest quality and hottest items in the market, but also about being a partner you can count on in getting the products your business relies on.

COACHING: Everyone we employ is always in a state of coaching. We learn from each other and are always looking for areas and resources to improve. We are always looking for new opportunities!

CONSISTENCY: Regardless of if it is in the product we supply, the timeliness or our delivery team or the in the individuals that we hire, we are consistent!

FUN: Why else would you do it? We are looking to be productive, maintain our values and goals but to have fun at it! We are a company you want to come into work for!